Portrayed By

Jacob Doerr




Deceased, stabbed by Jackson Wick

Wilden is a character and secondary antagonist of the film Doppelganger. He is portrayed by Jacob Doerr.



Before the on-camera events of the series, Wilden himself was a hitman that worked closely with Jackson Wick on several different missions.

A partially botched assassination that the two were engaging in led to Wilden being brought to near-death. Wick, believing Wilden beyond saving, left him behind. Wilden, however, was found by The Organization, which nursed him back to health, simultaneously performing a number of medical experiments that left him close to mute and forced him to wear a rebreather at all times. Wilden, wanting personal revenge on Wick for leaving him behind, left the Organization and began his own personal hunt.

Post-Marshall's Assassination Attempt

Learning of Wick's attempted assassination on Marshall allowed Wilden to pick up Wick's trail. When Wilden learned that Marshall had miraculously survived, he offered his services to Marshall, intending to use them to get his revenge. When Marshall located Wick's residence, he sent a team of his Mercenaries there, with Wilden at their lead.

Wilden sent a large number of the mercenaries into the house, knowing it would be nearly suicidal for them. Wick quickly dealt with them, and proceeded to mop up the remaining mercenary forces outside of the house with relative ease. Wilden, his opportunity to confront Wick alone now available, attacked Wick. The two engaged in a lengthy shootout that gave Wick much more difficulty, before both ran out of ammunition and went into a melee. Wilden, using his knife, initially had the edge over the unarmed Wick, but was eventually disarmed. Wick stabbed Wilden with his own knife, leaving Wilden nearly dead. Wick then came and stabbed him a second time, finishing him off for good. He subsequently unmasked Wilden and learned of his old friend's identity. However, with other hostile forces still around, Wick only had time to spare a quick glance before heading off.

What happened to Wilden's corpse after the battle is unknown.


Trivia Edit

  • Wilden was originally intended to be a larger character in Doppelganger. The film, originally intended to be considerably longer, would have featured an extensive opening scene involving Wilden and providing backstory to the character. Though the scene was cut due to filming constraints, director Ryan Bowman has confirmed that the events of the scene are canon.
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