Officer Cross
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Portrayed By

Ross Lovell


Invoice tin Yale


Half Breeds



Killed By

Stabbed by Darth Clifton

Officer Cross is a character that appears in Invoice tin Yale. Cross is a Half Breed police officer and the partner of Mace Wanda.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Officer Cross' searly life. At some point, however, he became a Half Breed and joined its police corps. He would later become partners with Mace Wanda.

Conflict with Darth Clifton Edit

Later in Officer Cross's career, he and Wanda would confront and attempt to arrest Darth Clifton, a notorious Stal Wart, for illegally selling Sambo dolls. Clifton resisted and drew his lightsaber, forcing Cross and Wanda to draw their own gunsabers. Clifton charged the duo and hit Cross, killing him instantly.

Trivia Edit

  • Cross's character is very loosely based on that of Kit Fisto from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Cross does not speak, nor is his name spoken in the entire film (in fact, other characters do not interact with him whatsoever.)
  • His name, "Cross", is an altered version of "Ross", after Ross Lovell, the actor who played him.
  • Though Cross is canonically killed, due to Invoice tin Yale's comedic nature, he can be seen "alive" at several other points in the film after his death.

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