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"You have lost! The oppression of the Sambo dolls will never return!"

Mace Wanda is the anti-hero protagonist of Invoice tin Yale. He is a Half Breed police officer and the partner of Officer Cross.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Wanda's early life, other than that his birth name was Mace Wanda (his actual name is never spoken). At some point, however, he became a Half Breed and joined its police corps. He would later become partners with Officer Cross.

Conflict with Darth Clifton Edit

At some point in Wanda's time on the force, he and Officer Cross would confront Darth Clifton, a Stal Wart, for illegally selling Sambo dolls. When Clifton resisted and drew a lightsaber, Wanda and Cross drew their own gunsabers. Clifton charged the two and immediately killed Cross, but Wanda managed to fight back.

The two engaged in a lengthy duel, neither with a clear advantage. Eventually, Wanda gained the upper hand and disarmed Clifton of his lightsaber. Clifton attempted to crawl away, but Wanda cornered him and prepared to arrest or execute him. Clifton, however, suddenly shot lightning from his fingertips, while Wanda used his gunsaber to shield himself. Akim Ska-Wakir witnessed the carnage and ran over, yelling at Wanda not to kill Clifton, and the two stopped fighting briefly. Akim then changed his mind, and Wanda shot Clifton many times, placing the blame on Clifton.

War with the Stal Warts Edit

Wanda does not appear in Stal Warts Episode 1: The Only One. However, director Ryan Bowman confirmed that, despite not appearing, Wanda is still alive in Episode 1. It is assumed he continues to fight alongside the Half Breeds and their allies during the film's events.

Quotes Edit

"You have lost! The oppression of the Sambo dolls will never return!"

"Not... Yet!"

"Whoops, my gun misfired."

"He, he had a gun! Look, he had a gun!"

Trivia Edit

  • Officer Wanda is based on the character of Mace Windu from the Star Wars prequel trilogy (Episodes I - III.) His name, Mace Wanda, reflects this. Additionally, his "gunsaber" has a purple blade, in the likeness of Mace Windu's own purple lightsaber.
  • The prop used for Wanda's gunsaber is a Mauser C96, the same type of pistol used to create Han Solo's DL-44 blaster in the Star Wars trilogy.
  • Luke Carstens was not originally expected to appear in Invoice tin Yale, his role instead supposed to be taken by Alex Osidach. Osidach was unable to film, however, and so Luke replaced him.

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