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Akim in Invoice tin Yale

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Ryan Bowman


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Stal Warts Episode 1: The Only One


Half Breeds

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Killed By

Darth Conkling, beheading

"You can't kill an unarmed black man! That's not the police way! Oh wait... yes it is."

Akim Ska-Wakir, alias Agent Lincoln is a character featured in Stal Warts Episode 1: The Only One and Invoice tin Yale. In Invoice tin Yale, he is a young Half Breed in training. By Episode 1, he had become a better fighter, and was assigned to James Garfield's personal security detail. Akim was later killed while protecting Garfield.


Little has been revealed about Akim's early life. It is known that he was a Half Breed but rather conflicted, and often interacted with the Stal Warts, their supposed enemies.

Conflict with Darth Clifton

Immediately prior to the conflict, Akim met with Darth Clifton, someone who had "mentored" him. Darth Clifton recited the story of 'Darth Trueblood', before departing to sell Sambo dolls.

Later, when Clifton was confronted by Officer Wifebeater and Officer Cross and Clifton was nearly dead, Akim stepped in, seemingly to save him. However, Akim shortly thereafter changed his mind, and allowed Wifebeater to shoot Clifton. Akim then departed.

After this, Akim continued his training, becoming a prolific gunfighter. He would be at some point assigned to President James Garfield's personal protection detail.

War with the Stal Warts

Akim participated in the Stal Warts War, continuing to protect James Garfield. Akim helped evacuate Garfield from the then under siege Washington D.C. Eventually, the rest of Garfield's detail was killed or separated from Akim and Garfield, and their vehicle ran out of fuel, so they fled on foot, with three Stal Warts (one of whom was Darth Conkling) in pursuit.

Akim eventually stopped running and stood his ground while Garfield continued, opting to fight off the Stal Wart attackers. He engaged the three, successfully shooting one of them down, but Conkling deflected his bullets. Akim crawled back and pulled out a backup gun, but Conkling again deflected them. He approached Akim, who had accepted his fate, and killed him, presumably beheading him in the process.


"You can't kill an unarmed black man! That's not the police way! Oh wait... yes it is."

(Stal Wart: "Hand him over to us, or it's your head") - "I choose my head!"


  • Akim Ska-Wakir's name is an analogue to Anakin Skywalker, a character from the Star Wars film series. Akim's character, unlike Anakin, never betrays his faction.
  • His alias in Stal Warts Episode 1 is a reference to his t-shirt, which has a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it.


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